Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Vistiors

Perception is very important in our day to day lives. The way we perceive things decides even our horizons. If we see the glass half empty, our steps towards progress would seem endless and tiring but if we see the glass half filled, we would be able to move ahead with a smile taking others also along with us in the journey of our success. Swami Vivekananda when was Narendra, as a university student, visited Sri Ram Krishna Paramhans with a note saying-God is nowhere, where have you see him? The great teacher smiled and said- it's the way you see has to be changed. You say-God is nowhere, but I say --God is now here. That has made all the difference. The things in the world, the people around us, the tasks we are into, are mostly same for all of us, some see just the window bars and a few see the stars. Those who see the stars make a mark for themselves in life and reach their desired destination.
The present generation need to have a right and an optimistic perception for anything and need to understand that success does not wait for us at a particular age or at a particular place, rather, everyday's little victories take us on to the path of success as it is a journey.
Every day has something to offer to us, we need to take a step ahead to receive it. In a nut shell, our perception decides our heights of success. Let's all have a mind set of finding an opportunity even in a turbulent situation so that its energy gets channelized into a positive stream.

Thank you


LT Col Bhupender Kumar



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Welcome To Rashtriya Military School Bangalore

Rashtriya Military School Bangalore is a premier residential school founded in the year 1946 to facilitate education of the children of the Defense personnel as well as the civilians.

It offers CBSE syllabus of education from class VI to XII standard. One of its aim is to prepare the students for entry to NDA and other reputed Defense and Professional institutes.

The school is located within the city limits of Bangalore and has a sprawling lush green campus. It provides all required facilities that help an aspiring   cadet to bloom in his life.

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